LT-CAGE® Lumbar Tapered Fusion Device

LT-CAGE Lumbar Tapered Fusion DeviceThe LT-CAGE® Lumbar Tapered Fusion Device is a small, hollow, threaded, tapered cylinder that is intended to restore the degenerated disc space to its original height. Two implants are to be used.

The LT-CAGE® Lumbar Tapered Fusion Device can be placed through either a traditional open or minimally invasive surgical technique. You should speak with your physician about the risks and benefits of both techniques prior to surgery.

During your surgery, your doctor will remove portions of the degenerated disc to allow the implants to be inserted. Bone may then be taken from your hip or from the area in which the implants will be inserted and packed inside the hollow implants.

Ask your doctor about your specific recovery plan following surgery. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully to recover from surgery as quickly as possible and increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Recovering from back pain and surgery is an ongoing process. How fast you recover depends on the type of surgery you had, your commitment to working closely with your physical therapist, and moving and exercising correctly, as recommended by your surgeon.

Important Safety Information

It is important that you discuss the potential risks, complications, and benefits of LT-CAGE® Lumbar Tapered Fusion Device with your doctor prior to receiving treatment, and that you rely on your physician’s judgment. Only your doctor can determine whether you are a suitable candidate for this treatment.